Day Dreamer

Oh how I’d like to be the sunrise

To a world that darkness conceived

Raise me up, allow me to shine

Is radiance a luxury, fit for a king?

Oh how I’d like to be the flower

In these barren desert scenes

An exhibition, surprising colors

Perfectly fragile, a lavender day dream.

I guess, however, this stirring in my soul

Could be the gleam in a proud mans eye

Or the scraps in a beggars mouth

Paint my portrait with a lovers brush,

Get lost in the forest, and display it proud.

The Desert

I picked up fragments of
Broken glass in the morning sun,
Tried to convince myself that
The vultures circling our heads
Were a blessing, not an omen, and
You weren’t dead, you were just saving strength

I was filled up on only memories,
Warm lemonade and
Wilted rose petals from the back seat
Tomorrow’s hope replaced by yesterday’s wreck
A fire started in the desert heat
And blown out in a frozen hurricane

I was so thirsty
I almost swallowed my regret
I looked for respite in the foliage
But trees don’t forgive
Rocks don’t forget
And the snakes stopped smiling days ago

I apologized for everything
As I left your body in the car
I walked until I couldn’t anymore
I wanted to scream your legacy from the mountains
But who was I to keep your memory
Who was I to sing your eulogy

So I sat down
And I let the desert take us both