Realism is the murderer of Legacy

You and a crowd of your peers wait excitedly in an open field

Surrounded by forests and mountains

Each second anxiously gives way to the next

Every moment in time promises evolution

There’s a warm buzz in the air and you can reach out and touch happiness

Gravity is loosening its careful grasp

The warm buzz crescendos to a triumphant fanfare as you’re lifted above the trees and the mountains and you’re acquainted with the clouds!

You’re higher now than you’ve ever been before

The crowd of once celebratory peers, however

Stops short as the lights in their eyes burn sway

They scorn you, from below you they bargain and reason with a concerned facade

What if you were to fall?

Should you return to earth, to what is real?


Realism is the murderer of Legacy.

Legacy is salvation and you’re on your way to meet it.

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